Unconventional Wedding Menu Ideas

Want to avoid average and uninspiring? We want to help you get creative! Take a look at these unconventional ways to tell your guests whats for dinner.

1. Mirror
Fancy mirrors always add a feel of luxury. You can find tons of mirrors at thrift stores for very reasonable prices or even use a mirror you already have! Using a mirror that compliments your tastes saves you printing costs and is something you can take home and have forever.


2. Cootie Catcher
Remember these guys from middle school? Bring them back for your wedding menus! Guests can keep themselves entertained until dinner is served.

3. Watercolor
Have a painted menu for everyone to see. Colors can match your bridal party. Having one large menu saves lots of time and energy when it comes to setting the tables.

4. Napkin
For those who want to get fancy, a printed napkin may be the option for you. Look how nice it is! Great way to impress your guests.

5. Laser Cut Etching On Acrylic
If you’re bored of paper, you can use acrylic instead! It’s not the most economic option, but it definitely stands out.

6. Blackboard
Even restaurants are going with blackboards these days. Why not do the same? Lovestation can do hand-lettering for large menus like this as well, but with nicer font.

7. Balloon
How cute is this? Really. Also, fun fact, white text on a black background is the easiest to read. Look at the little utensils at the bottom. So adorable.

8. Baguette Bag
Yum! Appetizer wrapped up in the menu. Two birds, one stone. Also it’s super cute and that piece of twine adds a really nice touch.

9. Chopsticks Sleeve
Even if you’re not East Asian, this is so cute. The menu is Italian, but the utensils are Chinese. Maybe the bride and groom are Italian and Chinese? Who knows, but this is creative and we love it.
10. Window
This idea kind of goes back to the mirror idea, but instead of an easel, it’s hung on the wall. There are actually tons of windows at antique and vintage stores for very reasonable prices. If you’re going to use white font though, maybe hang the window on a darker wall.

1. Willow Noavi Photography via Wedding Wire
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8. The Merry Thought
9. Mademoiselle Fiona via Style Me Pretty
10. Double Happiness Creations via Brides
11. Sarah Kate via Style Me Pretty


Outdoor Wedding Lights

Having an outdoor reception or ceremony after sunset? Here are some lovely ways to light up your night!

  1. Hanging string lights
    Make your own starry night with lovely fairy lights. They are so pretty to look at and also look great in photos. I really would have Christmas lights up all year if it was socially acceptable.
  2. Tea Lights
    Put lights in plant hangers! Genius. So magical. If you’re afraid of fire they make battery-powered tea lights too.
  3. Candle centerpieces
    Candles are cheaper than flowers and they add more light to the table especially for outdoor receptions. Tall candles feel elegant and luxurious, especially in tall candle holders. Smaller tea lights are cute and add great accent lighting. Floating candles are lovely and etherial.
  4. Hanging candles
    Similar to the hanging tea light idea, but a different take. Instead of hanging candles randomly you can create your own simple chandelier by hanging candles from a wreath!
  5. Outdoor Lamps
    These lamps are water proof and meant to be used outside in the pool, on the patio or wherever you need light outside. They come in various shapes, sizes and colors. Like having little moons outside!
  6. Lanterns
    Lanterns have been used for centuries by many cultures as outdoor lamps. You can choose whether to use candle lit lanterns or electric ones, but they are still stunning. There are so many options from paper lanterns (pictured) to glass. You can add lots of color by having fun lights.
  7. Chandelier
    Outdoor chandelier?? Super cool and unique!! Love this so much. It’s like making the outside into your dining room and the sky your roof. Obviously this would require some work but the results are marvelous.
  8. Mason Jars
    So many creative ways to get awesome lighting. Make your own light fixtures and save some dollars. Paint the inside of the jar in the color you choose and just add some fairy lights. Voila!

Khareyan Events via MOD Wedding
Genevieve Nisly via Style Me Pretty
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Michelle Ayoubi via Kassy On Design
Sarah Hearts
Gadget Flow

Wedding Hacks

Some neat tips and tricks to help you save time and dollars on your big day! There are so many creative ideas out there, but here are a few!

  1. Veil Weights
    Getting married outside? Weights will keep your veil from blowing away. They can even add a bit of sparkle and style to your veil. You can find ways to make your own with magnets and rhinestones.
    Find them on Hair Comes the Bride 
  2. High heel protector cap
    Having to walk across grass in stiletto heels is not fun. Use a heel cap to keep from sinking. If you want to forgo the heel cap altogether, wear thick heels or wedges.
    Find them on Solemates or DIY with wine corks here
  3. Wedding program fan
    Getting married on a warm day? Make your programs into fans to keep your guests cool! We are all for multipurpose items. This one will be a sure hit with your guests too!
  4. Have an off-season wedding
    Everyone knows spring is wedding season. If you’re looking to book a popular location, you’re better off having an off-season wedding. All your vendors will be less busy during off-seasons.
  5. Re-use wedding decor.
    Most people throw out their wedding decor after their wedding is over because there really isn’t much use for it afterwards. You can salvage a lot of neat finds that way. Also, if your venue has multiple weddings in a day you can ask to use the previous wedding’s flowers, decorations, etc.
    Find items from sites like Recycle Your Wedding 
  6. Number your RSVP cards
    The best way to stay organized with guests is to keep your own records. Number your guest list. If you receive an RSVP with unclear writing, you can figure out who the guest is based on the number you wrote down on the RSVP!
  7. Create a hashtag
    Wedding hashtags are the new thing. Have your guests use your tag when they post photos so you can search the hashtag afterwards and find your photos. That way, guests can find more photos from your wedding too.
  8. DIY your own photobooth backdrop
    Photo booths are not cheap, but you can still have a fun photo op without them. Make your own backdrop with your wedding colors, banners, etc. Have props to add even more fun.
    See how to make your own from Free People 
  9. Rent a house
    Want a wedding thats different from everyone else’s? Find a house or mansion on Airbnb.That way, your out-of-town guests can stay the night without having to check into a hotel.
    Book your wedding through Airbnb 
  10. Go for a local food truck
    Food catering doesn’t allow guests to order their own food. Having a food truck supports a small, local business and allows guests more options. Even having a food/dessert truck come after dinner and dancing is a good idea.


Heather Hawkins Photography  via Style Me Pretty
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5 Nature-Inspired Wedding Palettes

Can’t decide what colors will go well? We’ve found some lovely palettes to inspire you!

  1. Teals and turquoise. Cool blue-greens are so refreshing and tranquil. Mix in some white flowers, maybe a touch of yellows and your wedding palette will be like early spring.
  2. Beach vibes! Shades of blue with a touch of grey. Add some faded yellow-orange for a sandy beach palette. Blue and orange are complimentary colors that emphasize each other quite well. Imagine copper accents instead of gold or silver. That would totally make this palette pop!2
  3. Pink flowers with green leaves may seem a bit generic, but there are so many ways to add accents to this base. By adding cream colors and beiges, you can create a more lux feel to this palette. Or by adding lavender, create a more feminine feel.LS2.jpg
  4. Coastal sunset. Maybe your ceremony will take place on a beach or outdoors during sun down. Why not have a palette that will match the sky? This palette is unique because it is both warm and cool, signifying the transition from day to night. LS1.jpg
  5. Wildflowers against a blue backdrop. For those who aren’t a fan of pinks and purples, this palette is still just as lovely. Add a bit of green for liveliness or orange for warmth. You can take this palette in any direction, season or setting!LS3.jpg

Featuring photos from:
Cuba Gallery

Kristine Weilert

Sergey Zolkin

Rose Erkul

Wedding Flower Crowns

Flower crowns have been used for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Greece and Rome. They have always been associated with celebrations, making them perfect for weddings! Also, what girl doesn’t want an excuse for flowers in her hair? Really.

Something simple, but festive, and vibrant. Add life to your wedding look with a matching flower crown. SO CUTE.


White roses! Who gets tired of white roses? Nobody. They are so lovely!! Perfect compliment to a white dress.


Non-traditional weddings call for non-traditional accessories. Colorful leaves with a more casual look add the right amount of gorgeous!


Big flower crown, aka, hands-free bouquet. You can throw your flower crown instead, be different.


Daisies. Can you get more fairytale than daisies? No, not really.


It’s not just about wearing flowers. It’s about how you feel when you’re wearing flowers. Close your eyes and imagine it. See?


You can still wear colors while in an all-white dress! This look wouldn’t be complete without the flowers.


Even winter weddings can benefit from a bit of life.


Show off your colorful personality with a colorful band of flowers! BAM! Love itttt.


Julie Paisley Photography / Styled By Chrystal / Gossamer via Style Me Pretty
Martina Wedland Photography / Beata Events /  via The Bridal Detective
Jennefer Wilson via Style Me Pretty
Kerry Ann Duffy Photography / Frida & Sophia Floral Design / via Bridal Musings
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Erich McVey via The Wedding Chicks
Matt Waugh Photography / Martin Roberts Design / via Green Wedding Shoes
Curious Fair / Rebecca Goddard Photography / Isabelle Rowe / via Bridal Musings
Nicole Dianne Photography  / Thistle & Honey Flower & Design / via The Wedding Chicks


Unique Wedding Locations

Many people these days are opting out of getting hitched in a church. Besides beaches, heres a few ideas of other places to have your special day!

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1.Bookstore Wedding

For all the bookworms. What a classy way to tie the knot! From small bookstores to large presidential libraries, there are so many options. Great for colder seasons too!

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2. Farm Wedding

Depending on where you live, a farm wedding may or may not be common. For city-folk this may be a more unique and interesting idea to consider. Lots of space for plenty of guests!

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3. Forest Wedding

If all your friends got married on a beach, maybe have your wedding in the woods! Forests are so magical and peaceful. Perfect for your fairytale wedding.

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4. Golf Course Wedding

Golf course lawns with a big open sky are serene and lovely. If your groom is a sports fan, he’ll appreciate this one too. Great space for lots of guests!

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5. Lake Wedding

There are many lakes with really awesome views! If you don’t live near an ocean or just want a change of scenery, maybe a lake is for you. Lakes can be serene and romantic places.

Photography: Papered Heart Photography // venue: Oxford Exchange Tampa, Florida // dress:BHLDN // florals: Botanica International Design Studio // cake: Chocolate Pi // hair + makeup: JCON Salon via Green Wedding Shoes

Photography – Finch Photography // Venue – Castleton Farms // Floral Design – Samuel Franklin Floral Design // Hair & Makeup Artist – Bangs & Blush // Wedding Dress – Lea-Ann Belter Bridal via Wedding Wonderland // Bridesmaids’ Apparel – Bill Levkoff // Rentals – All Occasions Party Rentals via June Bug Weddings

Photography: Benj Haisch // venue: Skokomish Park Lake Cushman, Washington // event design: Bethany’s parents (Bob Olson and Joanne Olson) + bride and groom // event planning: SubRosa Events // florals: Jay Melilli // wedding dress: The Jetset Diaries // hairpieces: Untamed Petals byAmanda Judge via Green Wedding Shoes

Photography: Clove & Kin Photography // Wedding Coordinator: CBS Lifestylist // Floral Design: Isari Flower Studio + Event Design // Cake: Sumi’s Oven // Hair & Makeup: Team Nicole // DJ: DJ Dougie Mobile DJ Service // Wedding Venue: The Lodge At Torrey Pines via Style Me Pretty

Photography & Filmmaker: Sidney Diongzon Film & Photography, Sidney & Joanne / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Pam Barrack of Romantic Weddings in Lake Garda / Ceremony Venue: Malcesine Castle / Bride’s Dress: Enzoani Eva / Bridal Salon: Teokath Bridal / Groom’s Attire: Calvin Klein /Bridesmaid Dresses: White Runway / Teen Bridesmaid Dresses: Accessorize / Children’s Bridesmaid Dresses: BHS / Reception Venue: Alla Fassa via Bridal Musings

Floral Necklaces

Flower leis are beautiful, but more for graduations. Check out these floral necklaces that put a lovely spin on wearable bouquets!

A white dress needs a little splash of color. Accessorize with a unique flair! Pretty pastels of pinks and yellows with puffs of babys breath on a crochet dress. What a fairytale.


Vibrant greens add so much life. This photo makes me breathe deeper. Also, natural flowers and leaves create organic shapes and patterns that move with you.


Simpler, but still so lovely. I can imagine those flowers smelling so good. No need for perfume if you’re covered in flowers right?


BAM! POW! Those colors are like nature’s fireworks. This look adds so much fab to an all-white dress. We love how unique floral necklaces are. Especially because so many weddings are similar to one another. Stand out with a wearable bouquet.


Is your wardrobe all dark colors? Ours too. Bring that part of you to your special day with your choice in flowers. And don’t forget to wear it on a necklace.


Maybe you’re having a tropical getaway wedding and you want a lei. Why not have one that no one else will have? This floral necklace is so beach-y, spring. Love love. Plus your wedding pictures will be so awesome now.


Featuring: Jennifer Fujikawa Photography via Green Wedding Shoes // Toni Larsen Photography via Chic Vintage Brides // Finch and Thistle Event Design // Gertie Mae’s Floral Studio and Paperlily Photography via Style Me Pretty // Natalie McNally Photography via Chic Vintage Brides // Flowerona