5 Gemstone Engagement Rings That Say “True Love”

Are you sick of diamonds too?! Nothing against diamonds, really, but they should’ve gone out of style with dowries (just saying). That’s why we found some lovely handmade alternatives that will blow your mind. Seriously gorgeous and unique show-stoppers. Honestly, you have to see them. (Links are below)


This stunning raw tanzanite ring set in rose gold is a real jaw dropper. The organic ruggedness of the stone is mirrored in the organic shapes of the gold it is nestled in, making this ring truly one-of-a-kind. Imagine showing up to tea with this rock. We will never get tired of looking at this one.


This lovely rose gold moissanite ring shines brilliantly in it’s hand crafted setting. The elegant curves of the rose gold compliment this solitaire ring elegantly. The small details add interest and style. Yea, we’ve never heard of moissanite either but it sounds cool. We just looked it up, it’s rare and is mostly found in iron and nickel meteorites. Does that mean this is from space??


Not only are gemstone rings strikingly beautiful, they are much more affordable and conflict-free than diamond. This plum geode ring set in rose gold showcases a wide ranging spectrum of colors. Geodes themselves are like a mini universe with all their sparkly micro crystal points. Remember those geodes you had as a kid? Now you can have one forever on a ring. Mind. Blown.


This sapphire beauty has an antique look and feel without the antique price tag. Diamond engagement rings are slowly being replaced by gems like sapphire and it’s easy to see why. The deep blue is completely mesmerizing. Complimented by precious details in gold, this handmade ring can’t go wrong. Trust us, all your friends will be jealous.


Opal doesn’t fall under a spectrum, it is it’s own spectrum. The array of colors changes with each angle. This opal drop crowned with small diamonds gives you the best of everything. It’s unique, gorgeous and overall perfect. With this beauty, you can be sure no other girl will have a ring like yours. How can anyone say no to this? It’s freaking magical.

Find these treasures and others:

Featuring: By Angeline // Stephanie Maslow // Happy Little Gems // ARPELC // MinimalVS


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