Succulent Wedding Bouquets

Wedding flowers seem like such a waste. You cut them, use them for one day, they wilt, and then they die. Better alternative: succulents. Not only are they just as gorgeous as cut flowers, you can plant them afterwards because succulents are freaking awesome like that.


Why stop at succulents? Why not add peacock feathers too? Not gonna lie, the baby’s breath is a nice touch.


Echeverias and eucalyptus. Lovely shades of blues and greens. So yummy. Are you feeling inspired? We are. Not to mention these colors are super calming.


Maybe you don’t want one or another, maybe you want the best of both? Go for it. Coupling cut flowers and succulents makes this bouquet totally super. Pastels, pastels, pastels.


One sure way to keep it simple, just use one giant succulent. Imagine planting this in your yard after the wedding and watching it grow. How absurdly cute is that idea? You’re welcome.


Bring a touch of warmth with peach roses to offset the cool colors of leaves and this lovely echeveria! Those giant leaves though… Love!


PURPLES OMG. The amazing thing about succulents is that they really vary in color depending on the species. So many choices to mix and match!


It looks like it’s made of velvet. Cacti aren’t supposed to be this pretty. Yes, succulents are a cacti variety. Crazy huh? That’s why they’re so low maintenance.


Echeveria pinwheel succulents with bursts of yellow flowers. Have you seen a more original looking bouquet? An arrangement like this isn’t going to wilt in a few hours.

Want to know more about propagating succulents? Click here.

Featuring: Sarah K Chen via My Sweet and Saucy // Ashley Horne Photography via My Hotel Wedding // Elyse Hall Photography via Wedding Chicks // KT Merry Photography via Style Me Pretty // Sarah Kate Photography via Style Me Pretty // Alice Hu Photography via Style Me Pretty // Jeremy and Alicia Brown Photography via MOD Wedding // Bouquet Styled by Stem Floral / Francis Joseph Photography via Confetti Daydreams


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