Perfectly Purple Wedding Palette

MAKE IT PURPLE. We all know you love purple. From cakes and flowers to the little details, heres some ways to add your favorite color to your favorite day.


Having a background of white or neutral is the best way to make sure you don’t over-do the purple. This Rosalind Miller cake is an exquisite example of perfectly balanced colors and textures. It’s like a garden on a cake. Holy smokes.


All purple errethangg. The range of colors between lilac and violet keep this palette interesting yet well put-together.


Orchids! Yes! Fuchsia orchids are among the most popular of orchid colors, obviously. The opposite of purple? Yellow. The two are complimentary because one emphasizes the other. That’s why your man can’t stop watching the Lakers, their color scheme is on point.


Rose cupcakes. In every purple. Yummy. Isn’t it great that food can be so many colors? Whoever came up with red velvet, god bless you.


Who says flower crowns can’t be classy? You can wear them at a festival, and with a wedding dress, especially if it’s purple. Honestly, this is a great idea to add a splash of color to your otherwise all-white attire.


More flowers. Hanging. Why not? Like falling blossoms caught in mid-air. How lovely.


Bridesmaid dresses in shades of purple. Yes! It’s like an organic ombre right? Though ombre bridesmaid dresses are pretty killer also.


More cake. Ombre cake. With petals. Done. Beautiful colors, beautiful textures.


Table settings can be so much fun. Deep, rich purples to light lavenders accented with gold. So luxe. Is this Versailles?


Maybe this ain’t your first rodeo. Change it up, go for the purple dress. You won’t regret it. It’s absolutely regal.
Featuring: Rosalind Miller Cakes // Tammy Hughes via Sweet Violet Bride // Laura Murray Photography via Style Me Pretty // Wedding Ideas Mag // Paula Ohara Photography via MOD Wedding // Todd Johnson Photography via Glamour Weddings // True Photography via SD Wedding Planner // Annie Bee Cakery and Chantel Marie Photography via 100 Layer Cake // April Chantel // Vera Wang


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