DIY Soap Bar Wedding Favors

Wedding on a budget? We got you. Handmade, DIY soap bar wedding favors. Your guests will love you and then they’ll ask you for more. Then you’ll have so many orders you’ll be forced to open up a business. Next, you’ll be a soap tycoon in no time. But before all that, lets start with some ideas.


Lavender is pretty self-explanatory. Everyone loves it yeah, yeah. Oatmeal to exfoliate. Put them in a cute little package and boom, wedding favors your guests will love.


Get creative, use different oils, exfoliators, colors and more to get a wide range of unique soaps. Adding a personal note is the perfect touch to show some appreciation.


Scented soaps aren’t just good for showers. They work really well as air fresheners. Leave one open in your car on a warm day.


Make it pure. Make it organic. Make it raw. There are so many ways to minimize ingredients in soap to make sure your guests get a high-quality product.


Add a soap dish! If you think soap isn’t enough, put it in a dish. It’s also a great way to skip out on paper packaging.


Spirulina soap?? Your gluten-free, vegan, yogi friends will love you. Not only can you use spirulina for it’s health benefits, it’s also great for your skin!


Okay, after seeing this, how can you NOT want to make this? Not only does this look amazing, it looks super fun to make. The only downside is you may end up keeping all of them.


Want to take your soaps to the next level? Marbled crystal points. Guests could even use these for home decor. No one would even know it was soap.


Add coffee to anything and people will love you. Imagine if your showers smelled like coffee. Mornings would be so much better.
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