5 Nature-Inspired Wedding Palettes

Can’t decide what colors will go well? We’ve found some lovely palettes to inspire you!

  1. Teals and turquoise. Cool blue-greens are so refreshing and tranquil. Mix in some white flowers, maybe a touch of yellows and your wedding palette will be like early spring.
  2. Beach vibes! Shades of blue with a touch of grey. Add some faded yellow-orange for a sandy beach palette. Blue and orange are complimentary colors that emphasize each other quite well. Imagine copper accents instead of gold or silver. That would totally make this palette pop!2
  3. Pink flowers with green leaves may seem a bit generic, but there are so many ways to add accents to this base. By adding cream colors and beiges, you can create a more lux feel to this palette. Or by adding lavender, create a more feminine feel.LS2.jpg
  4. Coastal sunset. Maybe your ceremony will take place on a beach or outdoors during sun down. Why not have a palette that will match the sky? This palette is unique because it is both warm and cool, signifying the transition from day to night. LS1.jpg
  5. Wildflowers against a blue backdrop. For those who aren’t a fan of pinks and purples, this palette is still just as lovely. Add a bit of green for liveliness or orange for warmth. You can take this palette in any direction, season or setting!LS3.jpg

Featuring photos from:
Cuba Gallery

Kristine Weilert

Sergey Zolkin

Rose Erkul


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