Outdoor Wedding Lights

Having an outdoor reception or ceremony after sunset? Here are some lovely ways to light up your night!

  1. Hanging string lights
    Make your own starry night with lovely fairy lights. They are so pretty to look at and also look great in photos. I really would have Christmas lights up all year if it was socially acceptable.
  2. Tea Lights
    Put lights in plant hangers! Genius. So magical. If you’re afraid of fire they make battery-powered tea lights too.
  3. Candle centerpieces
    Candles are cheaper than flowers and they add more light to the table especially for outdoor receptions. Tall candles feel elegant and luxurious, especially in tall candle holders. Smaller tea lights are cute and add great accent lighting. Floating candles are lovely and etherial.
  4. Hanging candles
    Similar to the hanging tea light idea, but a different take. Instead of hanging candles randomly you can create your own simple chandelier by hanging candles from a wreath!
  5. Outdoor Lamps
    These lamps are water proof and meant to be used outside in the pool, on the patio or wherever you need light outside. They come in various shapes, sizes and colors. Like having little moons outside!
  6. Lanterns
    Lanterns have been used for centuries by many cultures as outdoor lamps. You can choose whether to use candle lit lanterns or electric ones, but they are still stunning. There are so many options from paper lanterns (pictured) to glass. You can add lots of color by having fun lights.
  7. Chandelier
    Outdoor chandelier?? Super cool and unique!! Love this so much. It’s like making the outside into your dining room and the sky your roof. Obviously this would require some work but the results are marvelous.
  8. Mason Jars
    So many creative ways to get awesome lighting. Make your own light fixtures and save some dollars. Paint the inside of the jar in the color you choose and just add some fairy lights. Voila!

Khareyan Events via MOD Wedding
Genevieve Nisly via Style Me Pretty
Nicole Berrett Photography / Astounding Sounds via Wedding Chicks
The Nichols via Elizabeth Anne Designs
Fondly Forever Photography via Style Me Pretty
Razvan Photography via Style Me Pretty
Michelle Ayoubi via Kassy On Design
Sarah Hearts
Gadget Flow


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