Unconventional Wedding Menu Ideas

Want to avoid average and uninspiring? We want to help you get creative! Take a look at these unconventional ways to tell your guests whats for dinner.

1. Mirror
Fancy mirrors always add a feel of luxury. You can find tons of mirrors at thrift stores for very reasonable prices or even use a mirror you already have! Using a mirror that compliments your tastes saves you printing costs and is something you can take home and have forever.


2. Cootie Catcher
Remember these guys from middle school? Bring them back for your wedding menus! Guests can keep themselves entertained until dinner is served.

3. Watercolor
Have a painted menu for everyone to see. Colors can match your bridal party. Having one large menu saves lots of time and energy when it comes to setting the tables.

4. Napkin
For those who want to get fancy, a printed napkin may be the option for you. Look how nice it is! Great way to impress your guests.

5. Laser Cut Etching On Acrylic
If you’re bored of paper, you can use acrylic instead! It’s not the most economic option, but it definitely stands out.

6. Blackboard
Even restaurants are going with blackboards these days. Why not do the same? Lovestation can do hand-lettering for large menus like this as well, but with nicer font.

7. Balloon
How cute is this? Really. Also, fun fact, white text on a black background is the easiest to read. Look at the little utensils at the bottom. So adorable.

8. Baguette Bag
Yum! Appetizer wrapped up in the menu. Two birds, one stone. Also it’s super cute and that piece of twine adds a really nice touch.

9. Chopsticks Sleeve
Even if you’re not East Asian, this is so cute. The menu is Italian, but the utensils are Chinese. Maybe the bride and groom are Italian and Chinese? Who knows, but this is creative and we love it.
10. Window
This idea kind of goes back to the mirror idea, but instead of an easel, it’s hung on the wall. There are actually tons of windows at antique and vintage stores for very reasonable prices. If you’re going to use white font though, maybe hang the window on a darker wall.

1. Willow Noavi Photography via Wedding Wire
2. Jennifer Roper via Oh Lovely Day
3. Erica Loeks Photography via Ruffled
4. Naomi Chokr Photography Shannon Kirsten Illustration via Mod Wedding
5. Katie Stoops via Style Me Pretty
6. Jenn and Jules Designs via Etsy
7. Ken Kienow Wedding Photography via Style Me Pretty
8. The Merry Thought
9. Mademoiselle Fiona via Style Me Pretty
10. Double Happiness Creations via Brides
11. Sarah Kate via Style Me Pretty


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