Impressions matter. That’s why we work hard to craft unique designs with you and your guests in mind. We specialize in custom stationery that adds the personal touch your event needs.

At Love Station, we understand how important your special day is. That’s why we believe each piece that comes together should coordinate harmoniously to convey your unique style. From colors to font and design, we provide the opportunity for your stationery to sync beautifully, yet stand out.



Co-Owners + Creative Directors of LOVE STATION DESIGN

Clara and Joanne began studying art at a very young age. They have been friends since middle school and always worked well together. After Joanne graduated from USC in 2015, the two began working on projects together. After designing logos, packaging/product concepts and other creative works, they decided to team up and create their own company.

Love Station Design was started to bring art and design together in a practical way. Art and design are made important by the meaning they carry. We strive to create pieces that contribute value to the occasion they are made for.