8 Perfectly Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

The wedding day is all about the bride, but that doesn’t mean bridesmaids dresses should bore. We’ve found some elegant inspirations that add color, texture and character to the wedding party. Your bridesmaids are unique, why not let it show in their dresses?

1.Spring florals! Flower prints in pinks and purples are so feminine and delicate! The faded pattern adds interest, but doesn’t draw too much attention.


2. Dark colors add great contrast and really make white look brighter. Don’t these dresses look fun? Each bridesmaid adds her own touch and makes the group a more sophisticated whole.


3. All white errrethangg. Short bridesmaids dresses are so so adorable. Plus lace, plus bridal headband! These fun summer dresses create a beachy feel and are lovely to look at.


4. Different patterned sequins for that extra glam and sparkle in your wedding party. You want your girls to look fab, but the spotlight belongs to you. Pastels and patterns all the way.


5. These ladies may all be in grey, but their dresses add minimal flair. This way, the styles are different, but the colors remain uniform and don’t clash.


6. Pretty in pink! Can’t decide between two colors? Have both! Having different styles and colors is a lot like adding flavors to a dish. Make your wedding party delicious.


7. Imagine if this row of friends were all wearing the same dress, in the same color. Would definitely not be as stunning. Also, each girl’s hair is done to fit her entire look. This way, each person’s uniqueness is allowed to shine through while focusing on the bride.


8. Beige doesn’t have to be boring. Show you appreciate the uniqueness of each bridesmaid through one-of-a-kind dresses! A palette of different shades that paints a larger picture.


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DIY Soap Bar Wedding Favors

Wedding on a budget? We got you. Handmade, DIY soap bar wedding favors. Your guests will love you and then they’ll ask you for more. Then you’ll have so many orders you’ll be forced to open up a business. Next, you’ll be a soap tycoon in no time. But before all that, lets start with some ideas.


Lavender is pretty self-explanatory. Everyone loves it yeah, yeah. Oatmeal to exfoliate. Put them in a cute little package and boom, wedding favors your guests will love.


Get creative, use different oils, exfoliators, colors and more to get a wide range of unique soaps. Adding a personal note is the perfect touch to show some appreciation.


Scented soaps aren’t just good for showers. They work really well as air fresheners. Leave one open in your car on a warm day.


Make it pure. Make it organic. Make it raw. There are so many ways to minimize ingredients in soap to make sure your guests get a high-quality product.


Add a soap dish! If you think soap isn’t enough, put it in a dish. It’s also a great way to skip out on paper packaging.


Spirulina soap?? Your gluten-free, vegan, yogi friends will love you. Not only can you use spirulina for it’s health benefits, it’s also great for your skin!


Okay, after seeing this, how can you NOT want to make this? Not only does this look amazing, it looks super fun to make. The only downside is you may end up keeping all of them.


Want to take your soaps to the next level? Marbled crystal points. Guests could even use these for home decor. No one would even know it was soap.


Add coffee to anything and people will love you. Imagine if your showers smelled like coffee. Mornings would be so much better.
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Perfectly Purple Wedding Palette

MAKE IT PURPLE. We all know you love purple. From cakes and flowers to the little details, heres some ways to add your favorite color to your favorite day.


Having a background of white or neutral is the best way to make sure you don’t over-do the purple. This Rosalind Miller cake is an exquisite example of perfectly balanced colors and textures. It’s like a garden on a cake. Holy smokes.


All purple errethangg. The range of colors between lilac and violet keep this palette interesting yet well put-together.


Orchids! Yes! Fuchsia orchids are among the most popular of orchid colors, obviously. The opposite of purple? Yellow. The two are complimentary because one emphasizes the other. That’s why your man can’t stop watching the Lakers, their color scheme is on point.


Rose cupcakes. In every purple. Yummy. Isn’t it great that food can be so many colors? Whoever came up with red velvet, god bless you.


Who says flower crowns can’t be classy? You can wear them at a festival, and with a wedding dress, especially if it’s purple. Honestly, this is a great idea to add a splash of color to your otherwise all-white attire.


More flowers. Hanging. Why not? Like falling blossoms caught in mid-air. How lovely.


Bridesmaid dresses in shades of purple. Yes! It’s like an organic ombre right? Though ombre bridesmaid dresses are pretty killer also.


More cake. Ombre cake. With petals. Done. Beautiful colors, beautiful textures.


Table settings can be so much fun. Deep, rich purples to light lavenders accented with gold. So luxe. Is this Versailles?


Maybe this ain’t your first rodeo. Change it up, go for the purple dress. You won’t regret it. It’s absolutely regal.
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Succulent Wedding Bouquets

Wedding flowers seem like such a waste. You cut them, use them for one day, they wilt, and then they die. Better alternative: succulents. Not only are they just as gorgeous as cut flowers, you can plant them afterwards because succulents are freaking awesome like that.


Why stop at succulents? Why not add peacock feathers too? Not gonna lie, the baby’s breath is a nice touch.


Echeverias and eucalyptus. Lovely shades of blues and greens. So yummy. Are you feeling inspired? We are. Not to mention these colors are super calming.


Maybe you don’t want one or another, maybe you want the best of both? Go for it. Coupling cut flowers and succulents makes this bouquet totally super. Pastels, pastels, pastels.


One sure way to keep it simple, just use one giant succulent. Imagine planting this in your yard after the wedding and watching it grow. How absurdly cute is that idea? You’re welcome.


Bring a touch of warmth with peach roses to offset the cool colors of leaves and this lovely echeveria! Those giant leaves though… Love!


PURPLES OMG. The amazing thing about succulents is that they really vary in color depending on the species. So many choices to mix and match!


It looks like it’s made of velvet. Cacti aren’t supposed to be this pretty. Yes, succulents are a cacti variety. Crazy huh? That’s why they’re so low maintenance.


Echeveria pinwheel succulents with bursts of yellow flowers. Have you seen a more original looking bouquet? An arrangement like this isn’t going to wilt in a few hours.

Want to know more about propagating succulents? Click here.

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Springtime Lace Wedding Dresses

Planning a Spring wedding requires a Spring dress. Lace is the perfect option. It’s beautiful, breathable and timeless. We put together these lovelies for you so take a look! (All links below)


Holllllllllaaaa. I would walk to the altar barefoot in this. It doesn’t even need shoes. Now you can do long-sleeves without sweating! Thanks lace. Doesn’t this dress look COMFORTABLE? Plus, the train looks like flower petals, like peonies or something fancy.


Even minimal lace looks so so good! Especially with that flower crown? Amen.


This handmade dress by  our friend Tiffa Lu is amaaazing. All the details in the lace along with the bronze-y shoulder accents frame the body exquisitely. Everything about this comes together perfectly!


Classic princess look. Never gets old. Lacey, floral, Spring-y. If you’re only going to wear it once, make it count right?


Vintage. Vintage. Vintage. Yes, please. Walk down that aisle in class. Not to mention, this dress is an absolute steal (find link below). If you’re looking to do things differently without breaking the bank this dress is one everyone will remember.


We can’t get enough lace. Add tulle? Killin’ it. This dress is so romantic, feminine and almost etherial. Definitely not your mother’s dress.

Find these dresses and more:

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5 Gemstone Engagement Rings That Say “True Love”

Are you sick of diamonds too?! Nothing against diamonds, really, but they should’ve gone out of style with dowries (just saying). That’s why we found some lovely handmade alternatives that will blow your mind. Seriously gorgeous and unique show-stoppers. Honestly, you have to see them. (Links are below)


This stunning raw tanzanite ring set in rose gold is a real jaw dropper. The organic ruggedness of the stone is mirrored in the organic shapes of the gold it is nestled in, making this ring truly one-of-a-kind. Imagine showing up to tea with this rock. We will never get tired of looking at this one.


This lovely rose gold moissanite ring shines brilliantly in it’s hand crafted setting. The elegant curves of the rose gold compliment this solitaire ring elegantly. The small details add interest and style. Yea, we’ve never heard of moissanite either but it sounds cool. We just looked it up, it’s rare and is mostly found in iron and nickel meteorites. Does that mean this is from space??


Not only are gemstone rings strikingly beautiful, they are much more affordable and conflict-free than diamond. This plum geode ring set in rose gold showcases a wide ranging spectrum of colors. Geodes themselves are like a mini universe with all their sparkly micro crystal points. Remember those geodes you had as a kid? Now you can have one forever on a ring. Mind. Blown.


This sapphire beauty has an antique look and feel without the antique price tag. Diamond engagement rings are slowly being replaced by gems like sapphire and it’s easy to see why. The deep blue is completely mesmerizing. Complimented by precious details in gold, this handmade ring can’t go wrong. Trust us, all your friends will be jealous.


Opal doesn’t fall under a spectrum, it is it’s own spectrum. The array of colors changes with each angle. This opal drop crowned with small diamonds gives you the best of everything. It’s unique, gorgeous and overall perfect. With this beauty, you can be sure no other girl will have a ring like yours. How can anyone say no to this? It’s freaking magical.

Find these treasures and others:

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